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Oberweissburg, 123, St.Michael im Lungau












When hearing "Ski Vital", one can think this a winter exclusive location...Still, summer in Lungau area can suprise you with lots of potential activities... Either you just want to enjoy a breathtaking landscape of the valley around Ski Vital, or you prefer an active vacation, you can have it all!....and, yes, even skiing is possible during the summer, as starting July, the Mölltaler glacier slopes are opened



Choosing either a self catering apartment or studio at Ski Vital, you will find something more than just an accommodation offer... An opportunity of money saving for your preffered activities on vacation, a family friendly facility, with children’s playing area; A quite yet very alive place, where you can spend your vacation with friends, or you can just recharge your batteries enjoying the mountains beautiful views...



The summer season (july - august) a vacation at Ski Vital is the perfect choice for recharging with energy and enjoying the silence away from the daily noise...Outdoor swimming pools surrounded by the mountains, various self-guided paths and adventure trails, fishing, bike lanes and even 15 mountain-bike trails, castles, cathedrals, natural parks with plenty of activities for the children and adults, tennis, golf or soccer fields.... these are just few of the thngs you can choose from.

Of course, you can just afford to lay for a sunbath in the Ski Vital backyard, or enjoy some time with your friends making your own grill in the destined areas furnished and equipped for your stay.

And, for the adventurous ones: the highest alpine airfield in Austria, the biggest paintball facility spanning over 20.000 sqm., passing the highest e-bike Austrian region, riding and horse-drawn carriages, adventure park Katschberg- all these are to be found in an area of 5 km from Ski Vital location.  


 Facilities / In location: free parking for own guests, grill facilities, sports equippment storage area, dinning room, fully equipped kitchen accessible to all the guests, smoking areas / lounges, free wi-fi, laundry facility.

In the area: outdoor swimming pool (at 3km), grocery store (at 3 km), bus (at 0,6 km), bike lane (at 0,2 km), golf field (4 km), soccer field (5 km), alpire airfield (4 km), .

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